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Mercy NursingCare Services, Inc. provides quality in-home care to our clients who want to recuperate in the comfort of their own homes, those of school age our nurse extend care in to the classroom. We assess our clients first. We determine the needs for consideration. Then we refer to the client, his family and the physician in creating an individualized care plan. We care for patients from all age levels – infants, teens, adults and elderly individuals.

Our services include skilled nursing, home health aide and companionship. These are guaranteed to be of excellent quality. Our models of training and practice are congruent to the demands of the times.

We are guided by your primary doctor on the best care program for you. To foster health and wellness in your home, we apply a care plan that is age appropriate. For seniors, an elderly care program that will provide assistance with daily living activities. For those recovering from an illness or disability, we provide rehabilitation support. For newborns, toddlers and children, we offer Pediatric Care. We understand that young patients need a special level of care and attention. With this, we assign home health aides or caregivers who specialize in childcare.

The home health care professionals working for us have been meticulously screened from a pool of applicants. They are successfully qualified to join our big family and bring name to the team. We are bonded and insured to secure your trust to our capable employees. You can definitely put your faith in us. Know how we can aid you to recover better by calling us at - (301) 537-8328.

We provide care services to:
  • New moms needing extra help.
  • Working parents with sick children.
  • Those with medical limitations.
  • Individuals requiring continuing care
  • Patients recently discharged from hospital & need home support.
  • Children with congenital problems.

Mercy NursingCare Services, Inc.
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