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Mercy NursingCare Services, Inc. can be trusted with your health and safety. We have excellent home health care professionals that are responsible for giving you the highest quality of in-home care.

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It is always an honor for us every time a client calls to arrange a meeting. We are happy to accommodate each one of our clients effectively and efficiently.

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Registered Nurses(RN), Licensed Practical Nurses(LPN), Licensed Vocational Nurses(LVN), Certified Nursing Assistant(CNA), Geriatric Nursing Assistant(GNA), Home Health Aide, Medication Technician/CNA & Companions are welcome to submit an application to us. We will pave your way to a brighter future.
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Welcome To
Mercy NursingCare Services, Inc.

Mercy NursingCare Services, Inc. defines healthcare as a progressive method of delivering safe and reliable services to any home in Maryland. We believe that recuperating in the familiar ambiance of your home feels better than being admitted at any nursing home or hospice. Being surrounded with your loved ones is proven to be helpful in getting your strength back faster.

We are only satisfied with our efforts when we see a substantial improvement of our client's health. It is our dream to be considered as your foremost partner in restoring your movement, health and passion for life. Reach out today at - (301) 537-8328.

Our Mission

doctor checking a kid's blood pressureIt is our mission to provide top quality home health care to our clients. We want you to experience the goodness of in-home care.

Our Staff

Our trained and well-resourced employees are skilled to provide you with the right service fit for your needs. They are also comfortable to be with, just like a friend whom you can always rely on. Our employees-in-service are the people that we are most proud of.

We provide care services to:
  • New moms needing extra help.
  • Working parents with sick children.
  • Those with medical limitations.
  • Individuals requiring continuing care
  • Patients recently discharged from hospital & need home support.
  • Children with congenital problems.

Mercy NursingCare Services, Inc.
6408 Lamont Drive
New Carrollton, MD 20784


Phone : (301) 537-8328
Fax:      (301) 477-2407

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